Hi! I'm Aaron

I am a Stanford student majoring in Mathematics. I am passionate about math, computer science, and education. My hobbies include archery and solving Rubik's cubes.

Contact me here!

Email: aaronskaufer@gmail.com

Phone: (617)-610-7355


Stanford University

Bachelor's Degree, Mathematics Major, Class of 2021

Buckingham Browne and Nichols

High School, Class of 2017

MIT Program for Research in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science


Software Skills

iOS Development

Fluent in Swift and Objective-C
Strong understanding of Cocoa Touch frameworks and MVC pattern
11 years experience (Hobby, Professional)


Fluent in C and C++
Strong understanding of low-level memory concepts
7 years experience (Hobby, Academic)


Fluent in Python
Familiarity with scientific packages including NumPy and MatPlotLib
4 years experience (Hobby, Academic)


Proficient in JavaScript and NodeJS
Familiarity with web server packages including Express
1 year experience (Hobby)

Essays About Education

For-Profit Colleges

For my freshman writing seminar, I wrote a paper detailing the pros and cons of for-profit colleges with a focus on their impact on underserved communities.
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Public School Funding

For my sophomore writing seminar, I wrote a paper proposing an adjustment to the way public schools are currently funded so as to ensure more equitable funding distributions.
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Math Papers

Kasteleyn's Theorem on Domino Tilings

In this paper, which was an expository paper I wrote for MIT PRIMES, I tackle the question of "How many \(1 \times 2\) dominoes can fit in a general \( n \times m \) rectangle?" Using techniques in spectral graph theory, a shocking explicit formula is derived: $$T_{n,m}= \prod_{j=1}^n \prod_{k=1}^m \left( 4\cos\left(\frac{\pi j}{n+1}\right)^2 + 4\cos\left(\frac{\pi k}{m+1}\right)^2 \right)^{1/4}$$
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Superalgebra in Characteristic 2

This paper is a composite of the year of research I did at MIT PRIMES. During this year, I studied structures known as \(d\)-algebras and generalized results from standard commutative algebra and lie algebra to this new setting.
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Hobby Project

2048 AI

Pick your settings and watch as the artificial intelligence agent plays a game of 2048. Written in Swift and implemented with an expectimax algorithm, the AI consistently beats the game, and with the right settings, it is able to reach the 16384 tile.

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Gravity Four

Built at Stanford's Treehacks, Gravity Four is an iOS and web app that plays like regular connect four with the twist that the players can choose to rotate the board. The game comes with four AIs to play against as well as a cross-platform multiplayer option.

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Class Project


For a class on AI, I built a genetic algorithm to organically evolve code in the esoteric programming language BF.

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